Evan Smith

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Evan is the Chief Technology Officer at Founders Market. He hails from Cork, Ireland and is currently an studying Computer Science student at the University College Cork.

Evan has been a web developer for six years, working with PHP, HTML and CSS since he was 14 (Yes Evan, that is totally normal). Besides being an avid gamer (he's credited in Call of Duty), Evan does, sometimes, do some work. His main roles at Founders Market are maintaining the infrastructure and functionality of the website. So if you are having problems on the site, he is the guy to shout at (honestly, drop him an email: evan@foundersmarketapp.com).

Evan is currently doing his Undergraduate Computer Science degree at the University College Cork in Ireland. Slated to finish in 2017.

Evan Smith on Founders Market.

Piyush Sharma

Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering

Piyush is the Vice President of Engineering at Founders Market. He is the most experienced on our young management team, having worked as a software developer for a leading technology services company in India for two years, as well as having being self-employed doing free-lance work for very high profile clients internationally. He is responsible for software and hardware engineering at Founders Market, including analytics and operations. This means that Piyush builds our infrastructure and makes the crucial decisions with regards to our technology. So if you want to request a feature; contact Piyush (piyush@foundersmarketapp.com) – he will most likely see to it that your request is met effectively and efficiently. The guy knows no limits when it comes to technology, that’s why we are so grateful to have him on our team.

Piyush holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Gautam Buddh Technical University in India, and is currently doing his Masters in Computer Science at the University College Cork in Ireland. Slated to finish in 2015.

Izaac Somers

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Izaac is the Chief Marketing Officer at Founders Market. He oversees the companies business operations including sales, marketing, business development, human resources and communications.

Izaac is what you call a profound thinker. He gained valuable experience working in the Marketing and Research departments of technology firms in Amsterdam and Berlin and has developed a habit for turning static ideas into exciting projects, which is what he is doing at Founders Market where he is very involved with the product development and business strategy of the Founders Market platform, and leads the financial operations. So if you want to advertise and get any information that is finances related, drop Izaac an email – he will be glad to help you (izaac@foundersmarketapp.com).

Izaac holds a Bachelor’s of Business and Marketing degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Izaac is currently doing his Masters in Business Studies at the University College Cork in Ireland. Slated to finish in 2015.

Izaac Somers on Founders Market.

Philip Mngadi

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Philip is the Chief Executive Officer of Founders Market, where he is responsible for the growth and management, business operations and strategy, product design and development, legal, public policy, and human resources. He is also the guy behind our social profiles (Twitter, Facebook etc).

Philip had the idea for Founders Market when he was sitting in a room full of student entrepreneurs, who were going on about how hard it was to find a co-founder as a student. Philip spoke to Evan Smith about this idea; it turns out that Evan was also already working on a skills directory for student entrepreneurs. The two co-founders merged ideas, and Founders Market was born.

Apart from that, there is nothing much to say about this guy. If you have an enquiry that you can’t ask Evan, Piyush or Izaac; then be sure to pass it on to Philip (philip@foundersmarketapp.com) – it would be nice to see him do something either than read Malcolm Gladwell books all day.

Philip is currently doing his Undergraduate Law degree at the University College Cork in Ireland. Slated to finish in 2017.

Philip Mngadi on Founders Market.

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